Average Golfer Ups His Game with Azalea

Specialist sports and tourism agency Azalea has snapped up social media sensation the Average Golfer in a deal that will see the company maximise his exposure and manage his commercial rights and partnerships.

The increasing value of influencers in the changing media landscape, as golfers’ consumption habits continue to shift, has made video content crucial in hitting the intended audience and achieving modern-day marketing goals.

And, consequently, those content creators can benefit from experienced professional management, in the way other ‘entertainers’ have for decades.

The Average Golfer, AKA Andy Sullivan, has quickly built a not-so ‘average’ following on his YouTube channel, with more than 25,000 subscribers and more than 6 million video views, as he regularly posts vlogs from golf courses across the world and shares his honest opinions, insight and reviews on various products, equipment and golfing topics.

His impressive engagement figures average around 300,000 views per month and 15,500,000 video minutes watched in the last year.

Sean Noble, Azalea’s managing director, said: “Andy’s approach, professionalism, passion and content quality has been something we’ve admired for a while.

“Brands within the golf industry appreciate the value in digital media and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to team up with Andy as we continue to help companies expand their reach – and Andy’s influential personality and engagement levels show the importance of this type of media.”

As well as managing and increasing Sullivan’s commercial partnerships, Azalea also has exciting plans to evolve and maximise his content in 2020 and help him continue the growth of his loyal following online.

Sullivan added: “It’s got to the stage now where YouTube and social media has become the most powerful marketing tool.

“It’s amazing that so many golfers value and enjoy my content enough to constantly engage with it, so I’m excited to work with Azalea to bring it to a whole new level and use the platform in a way that will benefit more and more golfers.”

Azalea continues to be a leading player in its field, representing a variety of luxury resorts, flagship golf clubs and leading brands across the UK and Europe.

  • Check out the Average Golfer’s YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.
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