Clear Brew currently provide a fully managed regular dedicated beer line cleaning service to over 1500 licensed premises

Clear Brew have absolutely no experience in keeping greens, cutting fairways or producing golf clubs that add extra yardage to your game. They do however know how to ensure those who play the wonderful game can enjoy a crystal clear pint in the 19th hole. They look after several golf club bars across the UK and are specialists in beer line cleaning. This onerous task is essential for the club that likes to dispense quality beer products to its clientele and in doing so ensuring they stay in the bar longer. If you have any doubts to their claims book them in for a FREE clean and cellar survey.

Clear Brew currently provide a fully managed regular dedicated beer line cleaning service to over 1500 licensed premises. This includes pubs, bars, clubs, social clubs, sports clubs, hotels, cinemas, bingo halls and more. Their beer line cleaning systems clean both keg and cask lines maintaining dispense quality on a regular repeat 3 weekly cycle.

On each visit their trained technicians complete a full line clean plus cellar check. At the end of each visit their professionally trained technicians utilise their own fully integrated verification system to input data to a centralised database which assists us along with portable ATP testing in maintaining high and uniform standards across the entire network.

For many years beer lines have been maintained on a weekly cycle and whilst they agree that there is nothing wrong with traditional manual line cleaning times have changed with the industry moving forward with advancements in cooling, machinery, chemicals and indeed the products themselves. Whilst many of these new advancements require huge installation costs and/or on- going fees and contracts and others sold simply as a fit and forget, all have been designed to move line cleaning frequency away from weekly cleaning.

Where they stand apart is that their tried and tested methods are designed to simply marry up to the existing cellar set up, no expensive installs, no contracts and no upfront money, simple! Couple this with their own unique and portable water fed mixing units, market leading chemicals and industry tested inhibitors means that our Eco led fully managed and labour inclusive repeat Beer line cleaning service reduces costs, cuts waste, minimises risk and improves draught beer line quality. With no upfront costs and seeking no contracts our service becomes a vital repeat service that customers come to rely on and are happy to endorse.