Come Rain Or Shine

2019 is an odd year in number and weather. We seem to be getting too little or too much rain and that has certainly affected many of our rounds.

So how can we protect ourselves for the future? If you are considering a new house build, a major extension or you are a Developer rainwater collected off the roof can be used for toilets, washing machines and outside use. There is no need to flush toilets with quality drinking water bought from miles away. Rainwater harvesting is not new,the Romans did it. However the Victorian engineers that designed our incredible mains system has made most people in our country undervalue the value of water.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd design and manufacture rainwater systems for in the UK for UK homes. The water is filtered and stored preferably in underground tanks. It is then pumped back into the home. There are two types of system.

Direct feed ‘Back Up In a Box’ where water is supplied straight to the appliance. The other alternative is the gravity fed ‘Rain Director’. Here the water is pumped once or twice a day into the smart header tank and appliances are fed from there.

The advantage of this is that it uses a fraction of the power and water is available in any eventuality. The Rain Director is WRAS approved and therefore accepted by all water providers as compliant when correctly installed.

In a new planning application there are criteria for water usage and drainage which must be met. Rain Activ combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting and also acts as a Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) solution so helpful and economical in both areas. Should planning have a drainage discharge rate stipulation Rain Activ maybe a simple solution. The system can be calculated to 0.05 litres/second which is not available with any other system. Controlled and calculated release which can be set to the individual site. This is becoming more important that water is returned for processing for supplying the ever increasing population but does not overwhelm the drainage system.

Personally I would rather flush the toilet with rainwater and conserve even more for the greens.

Call us to discuss further and Quote ‘Green’ for a 10% discount on our web prices.

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