GolfBuddy Launches VTX Handheld GPS

GolfBuddy’s latest GPS, the GolfBuddy VTX, is its most accurate, advanced and convenient handheld model to date. With technology developed exclusively for golf, the VTX features a full colour touch screen incorporated into an ultra slim and lightweight body.

The compact dimensions of just 9.5cm x 5.6cm and less than 1.5 cm deep as well as a weight of just 140g make the VTX an easy to device to handle and carry around the course without placing any restraints on the amount of key information it gives about the hole you are playing.

Using GolfBuddy’s industry leading database of over 38,000 pre-loaded courses the VTX gives you instant distance information and course updates are available via Bluetooth meaning you should always be kept up to date.

Distances to the front, centre and back of the green as well as all hazards and a full hole view, including the golfer’s position, are clearly displayed on the easy to read screen.

GolfBuddy’s dynamic green view also ensures that you get accurate distances from your angle of attack so it doesn’t matter how far you stray off course.

The VTX comes with scorecard capability, is water resistant, has a 15 hour battery life and with access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites provides the most reliable access to distance data. The VTX even gives you the option to select male or female when in voice mode.