Improve your shot accuracy by over 45%!

How would you like to improve the accuracy of your existing set of golf clubs by a minimum of 45%! I’ve personally fitted the revolutionary BioMatch system to hundreds of golfers in the UK from Tour professionals to Juniors and every single player see the same result, improved ball striking, tighter dispersion and accuracy along with an improvement in carry distance.

BioMatch is an alternative to the outdated Swing Weighting and MOI Matching of golf clubs, and the only scientifically proven system that brings the upper body, hands and club-face square at impact!

How it works
BioMatch is the only system that uses the biomechanical data of you the golfer, your height, weight and percentage of body fat coupled with your own golf club data of Length, weight, loft and Lie angle and the MOIG of the club. (Moment of Inertia around the grip) This data is fed into a patented algorithm which prescribes a tailored set of BioMatch weights that are installed into the grip end of the club. (weights and lengths will vary from club to club)

Once installed you will instantly feel and see the improvement in ball striking and accuracy and you will effortlessly and quickly develop one-swing for all your clubs.
The carry distance improvement is a by product of improved ball striking, in my fitting experience mid to low handicap players usually see a 3-7yard carry improvement, whilst Mid-High handicap players can see up to 14yards.

BioMatch was invented by Gisle Solhaug at Keiser University USA, and was developed over a period of 10-15 years. Golfers play with 13 different clubs (excluding Putter) of random mass and Moment of Inertia (MOI) and these are the two physical properties that affect the way the club behaves when the club is swung.

Yet these two properties are still ignored by the golf industry, why because they are unable to take one vital key into consideration, you the golfer, because every golfer is different biomechanically and how we swing a golf club!

The industry still uses the outdated method of swing weighting for ‘feel’ and ‘balance’ and the balance of a golf club in a golf swing is scientifically irrelevant!

The screenshots are from Flightscope and show a variety of golfers from Tour Pro to high handicap golfers before and after BioMatch. Please note that the screenshots are from the dynamic BioMatch fitting, so there is a 30-minute gap between screenshots while measurements and calculation take place.

BioMatch costs £195+vat for a full set of clubs and the complete analysis and fitting takes approximately 1.5 hours, I’m am so confident that you will see an improvement in accuracy that I will re-grip your clubs for free if you don’t!

Designer Golf Ltd
We are the UK’s Longest Established Independent club makers and have been in business for over 30 years building clubs for Touring Professionals and all levels of amateurs, and your fitting experience will be the same. We’re also the European Distributor for BioMatch and are the world experts in BioMatch fitting.
Located in Daventry Northants, just a 10-minute drive from the M1 Junction 16 we are ideally situated for customers all over the UK.

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