Low back pain when swinging? Need a short break?

Why don’t you just bring the best Green on your dining table for a while with a pool dining concept?

A lot of people who like playing pool often also like modern and contemporary design furniture and decorations. For a long time, however, design addicts who like to play pool games never found the table they were looking for. A pool table with a contemporary sleek design offering nice wooden and lacquered finishes.

Belgian Aramith group, developed the Easy Lift system to address the playing height/dining height difference issue, opted for clean lines and new materials such as metal, but also warm materials like veneered wood and natural stone, giving the table a stylish and luxurious but also very simple and sober-minded appearance.

Fusiontables concept and brand were born. Available in UK within 3 weeks at 7 stores in UK

More info on www.fusiontables.com