Max Golf Protein


Max & Cat Colman launched Max Golf Protein in 2015.

Max was previously a professional golfer, and had been overweight as a young adult. This had led to health problems, and as a result he needed to improve his nutritional intake. However, he found that when he went to golf clubs the only refreshments available were unhealthy products, such as fizzy drinks and chocolate bars.

So, he began making his own protein shakes, taking along powdered protein and mixing it with water and milk in a plastic shaker while on the course. As you can imagine, this was time consuming and messy.

Max then told Cat about the idea to create ready-made healthy refreshments for golfers. Cat, a former professional dancer and keen golfer, loved the idea, and the two set about producing recipes that delivered on health, convenience, and above all, taste…


The Max Golf Protein Drink, which launched in May 2015, is the world’s first protein drink made for golfers. It’s high in protein, fat free, gluten free, contains no added sugar, provides a slow release of energy, and the vanilla milkshake tastes delicious.

The MGP Bar, which launched in August 2016, is a natural peanut energy bar made with organic ingredients. The bar is all natural, very healthy, dairy free, vegan friendly, tastes incredible, and provides lots of energy on the course.

In July 2017, the brand launched their third product – the MGP Roller Bottle, which is a unique foam roller and water bottle in one. The bottle can be used to warm up pre-round, hydrate mid-round, stretch out post-round, and can also be used at home or in the gym to help improve mobility, flexibility and muscle recovery. The stainless steel is eco-friendly and keeps water cool for 24 hours.

They also now offer toasty warm winter hats and fantastic gift boxes for you golf lovers.


With more innovative new products launching in the future, all with a focus on helping to improve the wellbeing of golfers, we hope you continue to enjoy Max Golf Protein.