Proper by SCT

Proper by SCT are a family-run company working out of Wimborne in Dorset creating a range of high quality snacks to retail and trade customers. Their products cover both sweet and savoury treats and have been made to the same family recipes for over ten years allowing them to offer quality and unique products. Currently, they are the only UK based company that can offer both Proper Pork Crackling and Delectable nuts in multiple flavours and sizes to the UK pub industry.

Proper by SCT’s portfolio of products include their Proper Pork Crackling, which comes in a variety of different flavours ranging from BBQ, Chorizo, Extreme Naga Chili, Garlic, Sage and Onion, Salt and Pepper, Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Chili and of course, the classic traditional flavour. Their nut pots are also available in a range of flavours and include almonds, cashews, walnuts and peanuts while their sweet range has twenty flavours of fudge. The team are very conscious of the environment and welfare so use sustainable palm oil in all their fudge recipes. Those customers who are health conscious need not worry as the entire nut range is low in cholesterol and gluten free and the Proper Pork Crackling is totally allergen free. Proper Pork Crackling has also gained approval from many forums as being suitable for those following the KETO diet.

The story began in 2016, when the team behind SCT & SCT Ltd started producing Proper Pork Crackling and Delectable Nuts (made up of both peanuts and cashews) in nine amazing flavours. The following year, they reached the milestone of selling over 100,000 pots and decided that the products were good enough for the trade/wholesale market.

These days they have a fantastic reputation and sell their products to well over 700 businesses across the world, with stockists in France, Ireland and America.

Currently, SCT & SCT LTD supply their Proper range to a variety of well-known businesses, including Hall & Woodhouse, Hoburne, Londid, Premier, Budgens and many more breweries and businesses across the UK. Customers are also welcome to visit their website which offers a wide selection of products available in various sizes, including as gift packs providing you with a unique gift for a special holiday or occasion. In addition,  a number of seasonal gifts using high quality dried fruit products are available, just check the seasonal section of the website.

The SCT &SCT Ltd team firmly believe that within the next decade, they will be the leading brand in the UK supplying pub, shops, butchers, deli’s, campsite, petrol stations and more with nuts and other snacks.