The Oak & Rope Company makes beautiful yet practical designs in solid oak for your home and garden.

Hand engraved with names, special dates, place names or quotes these make fabulous presents for friends and family or even trophies for competitions.Our golf ball display is a fabulous way of showing off a collection. Our 19th HOLE decanter and coaster is a golf related present that will make the recipient smile every time they use it. We also have other relevant presents for other sports enthusiasts, like the loo roll holder that is in fact a cricket wicket. Engraved with say 50 – NOT OUT for a big birthday or BOWLED OVER for a wedding present, these are gifts that are not easily forgotten.

Our Parkland benches are made of solid teak and weathers beautifully with no maintenance required, but an excellent way of remembering old members and providing comfortable seating out on the course.

With the wording of your choice these become treasured heirlooms and reminders of any special occasion.

We also make chopping, cheese and carving boards, garden tree swings, hallway benches, house signs, jars and frames, and a range of other useful items.

The beauty of the solid oak together with the meaningful words, add a unique character to any home or club.

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