The Uniform Studio – Your Uniform Needs Covered

Stylish yet hard wearing workwear is not always easy to come by in the hospitality and retail industry, but the Uniform Studio Shop offers it in abundance. With stylish pieces available in an array of different colours, fabrics and sizes, the comprehensive product range caters for all front-of-house uniforms to suit your club, hotel and restaurant requirements.

Offering next day delivery on all items, the Uniform Studio is a one-stop- shop with a selection of tops, trousers, waistcoats and aprons which will leave you spoilt for choice.

“Choosing the right look is crucial in this line of business,” Creative director and Co-founder, Lois Hill, comments. “But function and durability are equally as vital. it’s important to strike the right balance and hopefully we’ve managed to achieve this with the Shop collection.”

Following the launch of the Uniform Studio ten years ago as a bespoke uniform designers, Lois and co founder Chris Meeten opened the Shop following demand for an off-the-shelf collection, where items could be replenished at the flick of a switch.

“The bespoke service is still very much at the heart of our business but we listened to our clients and created the e commerce site to accommodate their additional needs.” Chris said. “And it’s been a huge success.”

“The Shop offers a simple, straight forward purchasing process with next day delivery for stylish, finely crafted workwear in durable fabrics. time poor customers know that they are receiving high quality garments but with minimal stress. they trust us to get it right.”

Tops are long sleeved with Breton stripes and can be teamed with tailored chino, waistcoat or apron. Aprons are either full or waist down and designed to make the wearer’s life super easy with deep, angled pockets for pads / ipads and slim, narrow pockets for pens.

Straps are adjustable for extra comfort. Waistcoats are both single and double breasted and available in a variety of fabrics and colourways. Shirts areavailable as fitted or more loosely cutwith grandad collars, offered in gingham, pinstripe, white and chambray.

“The plan is to expand the Shop further by the end of 2019 to include new styles, fabrics and colourways. Again, listening to our customers. Workwear has come a long way over the years,” Chris concludes, “And we plan to take it several steps further.”

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The Uniform Studio / Your Uniform Needs Covered