Your supply partner for healthier snacks

The U.K. snack market shows crisps and traditional snacks continuing to decline, whilst nuts and healthier snacks sales continue to grow, HOT NUT sales have grown by over 90% year on year.

Our Mission

Based in Warwickshire, England, we aim to deliver a wide range of full flavour, healthier, high quality snacks to all, providing consumers with a great tasting snack experience and retailers with healthier profits and happier customers, who keep coming back for more. We understand the importance of individuality, so as well as our standard range, we offer the ability to have your own unique mix to suit your establishment.

We have been supplying HOTELS, BARS, CLUBS & PUBS for almost 15 years.

  • Great tasting range of products
  • Higher margins – up to 70%
  • Display support materials

We provide retailers with our great looking slimline nut machines, free on loan.


Office: 0203 012 0162